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Midnight Special

* I miss seeing all my kids together.

* I loved the @JoburgRedBus with the @Tomorrow_Trust today. Blog to follow.

* Happy to fit in my jeans today.

* Wishing my headache would go away.

* Big time enjoying the social media I am involved with at the moment. Meeting interesting people and being part of awesome projects.

* I should be reading more.

* I am loving scarves! Not knitted, just draped material.

* Hoping @SirNoid’s team did a higher target than last month. That would make him very happy.

* I feel for flapjacks.

* Not sure if I should grow or cut my hair.

* Would l♡ve some grey casual shoes.

* Kev, Kyla, Cam, Nick, Liam James, Kyle, Luke, Dylan, Victoria wherever you are tonight – l♡ve you. Dough and Jenna-Lee is here. 🙂

I wish you goodnight kisses,
Wεทchƴ¸.¸. ҉¨

poѕтed ғroм тнe ѕecond cloυd on yoυr leғт

3 responses to “Midnight Special”

  1. enjyed this


  2. Glad you’re enjoying social media so much.


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