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Swellendam, jou doring!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

The town of Swellendam, South Africa is hosting its very first Winter School during the upcoming winter months.

I received this bag full of local goodies during my recent visit to Swellendam. If I be honest, when I read the tag that night when I was alone, I cried. It felt as if this lady, sat and made this bag especially for me. Suurbraak, Western Cape, South Africa and its people touched me deeply. It was odd to feel so at home in a place I’d never been.

I do hope this will become an annual event! The winter school, not the crying!

The #swellendamwinterschool involves plenty of “saamkuier”, laughter and yes, learning in the most glorious surroundings which may just have a river run by… #nojokes

There are a massive variety of subjects to indulge in, but more than that, the facilitators are all locals sharing their craft, wisdom and knowledge. How fantastic are our people?

The people. It is truly worth visiting Swellendam just to spend time with the people!
💜 💜 💜

Contact :
Swellendam Winter Schoolfor more information and book your spot.

I wish you enough,


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