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Taryn : 10 Random Things

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Every August I open my blog to Guest Posts. This year I asked for 10 random facts.

If you would like to be included and get a #shoutout on my Social Media, WhatsApp me on 0834117613 or email 🤍.

Today meet my friend and Media Manager of choice, the beautiful Taryn.

  1. I have been bungee jumping, but I am afraid of heights.
  2. I have never travelled outside of South Africa and San Francisco is pulling at my heart strings.
  3. I was leader in scholar patrol in primary school.
  4. I have done courses in Events Management, Travel and Tourism Management.
  5. My first job/work experience was doing promotions in a grocery store aisle.
  6. I don’t like moths…They are forever chasing me or bothering me.
  7. I love ordering cappuccino at coffee shops and restaurants, but I don’t drink coffee at home, only tea.
  8. I am a romantic at heart, so I love movies on romance and happily ever afters.
  9. I cry when pets die or get hurt in movies. (I have a soft spot for fur babies.)
  10. I am an introvert and love expressing myself through creative writing.


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I wish you enough,


3 responses to “Taryn : 10 Random Things”

  1. Taryn I was also in the Scolar Patrol! 😁


    1. Thank you for this guest post my friend. I love that you were in Scolar Patrol too, something else that we have in common. ❤


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