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24 January 2011 ~ Me by me…. Waiting for Kevin to finish cricket practise. Looks relaxing hey? It wasn’t.

Not my best day. We had no aircon at work today… a huge corporate building, no windows, no draft….it was so unpleasant wiping sweat off my face! Seriously not sexy and I could not wait to leave. It was so hot and humid in that stupid building.

Took Liam for an eye test. Gave him his spending limit on frames, he chose what he wanted and even so….once the test and this and that was added, it was still R400 more than what I budgeted. Oh yay.

Then to fetch Kev, sitting in the hot car….home to do some work and then off to Jenna’s grade two parents evening. We have three of those this week, parents evenings…thrilling. At least got to spend an hour sitting on a carpet with Noid since the room was full which was funny.

Home…make sure kids had eaten and put kids in bed. Feeling exhausted tonight and tearful.*

* I miss my husband.

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7 responses to “Exhausted”

  1. I too feel exhausted and tearful. Hope tomorrow is a brighter day.


  2. I have it on good authority that your husband misses you lots too!

    Every day is closer to you being together all the time!


  3. You need to come to our school – there were 8 parents there! No sitting on the floor for us :-p

    No aircon? I would go home – honestly I would die or boil internally or melt or something!


  4. Sounds like an exhausting day.


  5. You sound exhausted 😦
    Parents evenings, is just like the ones at Laura’s school. Few parents, lot of open chairs.


  6. We are in sub zero temperatures here and freeeeeeezing. I can’t get warm.

    Parents evenings are not my favorite – as a parent or a teacher.


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