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1 February 2011 – Picture by me….. of me…. just showing off me flower…. I told my friend QB not to confuse my bright  flower for a good mood at work… although in the end the flower did cheer me up. hahahahah! Took allot of motivation of self to get me to work today. I’m tired, I feel overwhelmed at work, and I am gatvol of being alone… blah blah blah.

On the great side…. we had a lovely family dinner with candle light and all… the food was nice, everyone was smiling and life – great!!!! I love my husband and my kids. 🙂

6 responses to “up / down”

  1. K@k, maar OK? Soos die res van ons?


  2. I loved your comment. Especially after our chat yesterday!


  3. We all have ‘gatvol’ days. Know the feeling too well. Amazing what a beautiful flower does for us tho. xx


  4. Gave you very excotic look … All ready for the carnival … Just has to find carnival!


  5. Thank you. Dinner was lovely!
    And you always look lovely with a flower in your hair.


  6. Love this pic. What a difference a flower makes…


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