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I heart Dion

  • Monday, 14 February 2011. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

8 responses to “I heart Dion”

  1. Thanks for the Sweet present. It is so cool and I am not eating it. Going to keep it forever.

    Hope you have a good Valentine’s on Wednesday too!


    1. Well, this year Valentine’s falls on the 16th for me…. and maybe every year thereafter. lol


  2. That’s lovely! Mine falls on the 15th, and I love that fact. Giles and I went on our first date today three years ago.


  3. That’s a very sweet valentine!


  4. Our valentines is on the 12th 🙂
    And those cookies are YUMMY!


  5. That is very cute. You must be a real romantic. :o)


  6. You’re a rock star, I hope you know that?? Lucky man!! My poor boy, didn’t make him anything & now feel very guilty after seeing your beautiful present to your man. Sigh.


  7. That is gorgeous! I was looking for something like that….


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