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The Hills Are Alive Day #7

Today was a lazy day. We did nothing but sit by the fire and read….{The morning was freezing}, had a simple lunch of toasted sandwiches, played a game of snooker and slept the entire afternoon. Dinner by candle light and back to bed.

In truth, my mind is very busy with what to do about work, that I desperately need to colour my hair, making target for Tranquil Body Treats for May {help!!}, my health, the kids transition to the new environment, Douglas’s 11th birthday, my relationship with Noid’s parents and my own, the unpleasant news Noid received, pondering the huge move this coming weekend and how I will physically manage although Noid told me to delegate and all will be fine, my birthday party at the zoo…please don’t let me be the kid where no other kids come to the party!! The royal bride and how she must feel tonight…. and my sock project – a busy place inside me head as you can see.

Oh so the sock project…. Please mail me a pair of socks from around SA and the world for me birthday on June 13th? I love funky socks and I am in desperate need with the kids having ‘stolen’ my socks!

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4 responses to “The Hills Are Alive Day #7”

  1. Did I get an invitation to your party? Ek kan mos nou nie so iets onthou nie? Anyway….I also want a party this year. I’m mos not big on parties for my own self. (always scared I’ll be that kid where no-one pitches) You’ll never be that kid though. You are very popular and fanTy.


  2. Lucky lucky girl! the pics are fabulous, I’m turning green!


  3. The excitement and “worries” of the mind are keeping me pretty busy too but it is all going to be so OK.

    I Love You


  4. i just want to say i am feeling it i have i didnt need to talk on phone or to tx or use a pc to never have met a lady like i have on internet and i just know i could learn to know her and to fall in love..time thats all,,were all here for reason… putting all my bet on her,,,,cheryl…… good


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