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…..maar somtyds vir ‘n oomblik net aan jou

‘n Liedjie vir jou LIRIEK: Jannie du Toit


Matthew was introduced to our family as a friend of Kevin’s but slowly he has crept into our hearts. I am very fond of Matt as is most people who know him because he has a heart of gold and a spirit that plays in the midst of unicorns and rainbows. Oh beautiful soul…. this one is for you. x

ek dink vanaand aan jou
en aan die wildekus se golwe
ek dink vanaand aan jou en aan die eindelose strand
ek dink aan rotskastele
watervalle na benede
en beestepaadjie-sukkel oor die rand

en ek wens dat ek my liedjie vir jou kon sing
ek weet dat jy die woorde sou verstaan
ja ek wens dat ek my liedjie vir jou kon sing
en ek weet dit sou weer ‘n vonkel in jou oë bring

ek dink vanaand aan jou
en aan die visriviervallei
ek dink vanaand aan jou
en aan sy kronkel kronkel kronkel
ek dink aan stroomversnellings
aan die koue winternagte
en kampvuuraande op die goudgeel sand

ek dink vanaand aan jou
en aan die blou blou kaapse berge
‘n sprokiesland in bleekwit
op ‘n helder sterligaand
ek dink aan waterpoele
wit proteas teen die hange
maar somtyds vir ‘n oomblik net aan jou

6 responses to “…..maar somtyds vir ‘n oomblik net aan jou”

  1. Ag, ek love daai song! SOunds like a very special boy.


  2. Thanks Wenchy. Every mom thinks her Donkey is a race horse. Thank you for seeing him the way I do. I love both of you. And I miss him…


  3. Good afternoon

    I’m one of the fuckwits that you chastise for reading and not commenting. I’m tired of bloggers nagging on about that.

    1. The few times I HAVE commented, the blogger usually ignores me like a stop sign, doesn’t bother to comment back, and continues having a conversation with one of their friends in the comment thread.

    2. All of the bloggers I know have their own little blogger community, everyone knows one other and one can CLEARLY see it in the comments. Thus, me, as a normal reader don’t really feel like commenting in the middle of the thread of friends chatting, it just feels weird.

    3. Why must I comment if I have nothing to say? I’m a shy person in real life too, and most of the time I’m quiet anyway.

    If you had 1000 readers a month, do you really expect each and every one of them to introduce themselves via the comments section? Otherwise they’re fuckwits? Does every journalist on news24 go on a rampage if each of the thousands of readers don’t introduce themselves to him/her?

    Please help me understand here, because I honestly don’t…


    1. Hi Amber,

      Don’t take the word fuckwit to heart, is just a word Billy Connolly uses allot and I adore him. (and I say it lots~!)

      Everything you say is very proper and valid. I wish I had 1000 readers but I don’t which is probably why it is nice to hear from those who do read, kinda makes you feel somebody hears you, which is why some write.

      I hope you will continue to read, sometimes say hi and trust you will see being a fuckwit, not as an insult but rather very much how I speak in person. 🙂

      Love that you did comment,



      1. Aaaah, i guess the use of “fuckwit” kinda got lost in translation then! 🙂

        I’ve been reading for a looong time and won’t stop now. I’ll TRY to comment more, but can’t promise anything! 😛


  4. His name is Joshua!!


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