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The Gifted Folks Music Group
21st September at 16:00

One performance only at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square
Introducing the Gifted Folks music group! A musical ensemble of talented classical crossover singers, song writers and instrumentalists, finely selected for their amazing natural gifts. With a Christian sacred music background, the group beautifully blends different music genres such as Opera, Church-music, Pop and African-folk, performed in a sophisticated classical style. Their uniqueness should amaze and uplift like never before. The Gifted Folks will be performing for the first time at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square on Sunday 21st September at 4pm. Here is a chance to witness a cultural milestone in the rich and diverse music scene of South Africa. Several music groups will be showcasing their talents through a mix of cultural genres and classical performances…but something new is just about to happen!

Comprising of vocally talented singers accompanied with fine instruments like violin, viola, cello, guitars, flutes, piano, drums and rattles, the arrangement of the Gifted Folks, through its selected crossover repertoire will bring to you a renewed version of memorable songs such as Brindisi (from “La Traviata” by Guiseppe Verdi) and Habanera (from “Carmen” by Georges Bizet) to name a few operatic airs; popular songs like The Prayer by David Foster and most commonly known as a duet between the famous Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion; and great African tunes such as Malaika, a Swahili song popularized by international artists such as South-African Miriam Makeba; and Pauni Na Ngai Ya Talo, a Rumba Church-music song by Congolese Christian-song writer/singer Paul Balenza.

Come and be seduced by the multicultural lyrics through polyphonic performances in English, French, German, Latin, Italian, Swahili and Zulu. Come and be mesmerized with the new poetic style; whether you are a fan of classic music, or you prefer the modernized music style similar to the Rhythms & Blues, this group of young experienced musicians, gathered as the Gifted Folks, will excite you during their 90 minutes dynamic performance. This will take place at 4pm on Sunday 21st September.

Tickets (R140) can purchased through the theatre’s box office, by calling tel. 011 883 8606 or by via Strictly Tickets on 082 553 5901 or online: There are a limited amount of media tickets available.

For further information and interviews, call Daphne or Mika
at the theatre on 011 883 8606
Visit their website: or call 072 266 9090
Gifted Musicians

Gifted Vocalists:
Soprano: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Sheila Kilambwe
Mezzo-Soprano: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Michael Mbunzama, Nica Kabuya, Sheila Kilambwe
Contralto: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Michael Mbunzama
Tenor: Daniel Kankenga, Serge Sabwa, Thommy Kumbu
Baritone: Michel Kalombo, Serge Sabwa
Bass: Forian Balagizi

Gifted Instrumentalists:
Piano/Synthesizer: Daniel Kankenga (DK), Paul Diobo
Flute: Bertrand DeLaleu, Camille Hall
Cello: Aurelia Diore, Michael Viljoen
Violin: Dorota Swart
Violist: Andrea
Percussion: Yves Laterre
Guitar Solo: Alain Ifomi
Guitar Accompaniment: Alain Ifomi, THommy Kumbu
Guitar Bass: Nestor Nkongo
Synthesizer special effects: Reddy Buazo, Daniel Kankenga
Sound engineers: Fofo Kaje, Herve Nzambe
Conductors: Paul Diobo, Isabelle Makola

Gifted Song Writers:
Daniel Kankenga
Paul Diobo
Thommy Kumbu

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