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16 January 2011 – Today’s picture is a piece of paper, something I tore from one of my magazines and stuck on my notice board some time back….. you know, believe and it will happen and all that….. mmmm so far… NOT so much!

  • I think I may need an iPod type thing (Yes, I am not all that and a bag of chips, I don’t own one) for when I walk or go to the gym or even to look unapproachable at work, but I am scared I will sing along out loud. 😛
  • This morning I was like a demon having put on washing, gathered dishes, soapy water everywhere, worked at my actual job for an hour to confirm the my bosses that I am sincerely mentally disabled working at 6am on a Sunday morning (just give me a bloody raise, I need the money!), wrestled with the pool (which is now again stuck), prepared stuff for school tomorrow (lunch boxes, treats, drinks, clothes, bowls for cereal tomorrow morning, tea cups, tea bags in the tea-pot…. and all, even sugar in the cups!) ~ all before 6h15am. 
  • Left for my traditional 4km walk, (the same route I have walked for the past many, many years….) just after 7am and did it in 45 minutes today.
  • At the moment the walking if more about just getting out there and doing it than the actual time taken, I was just surprised that I had not lost time since I have not done any exercise in weeks. Yay for that, it’s a small motivation.
  • Picked up raindrops during the last two blocks on my way home and the UPhill felt very UP!
  • I did however walk myself a blister. I knew those socks were not proper… 
  • My kids slept until well after 10am…. eventually I woke them up to go to Noid’s as he had invited us for lunch to celebrate the day we met three years ago.
  • Meeting Noid really did change my life – three years. Imagine that.
  • Up and down and everything in between I really do love him. Still think he has the nicest thighs and skillful hands…. he is very generous, holds my hand and lit a candle the other night as we lay chatting which kinda took my breath away as things within our relationship have changed since we got married almost fou months ago.
  • He is committed to me even when he doesn’t like my behavior which is a plus and you can’t fault him in trying and trying again.
  • We went to lunch at Cappuccino’s in Greenstone which I had never been to before. I was very pleasantly surprised by the great food and service. I had some calamari and prawns which came with some chips and plenty vegetables…. it was real nice and I would order it again, but I think Noid won the lucky draw with his pasta. Everyone wanted a bite of his Alfredo! It was saucy and looked most delicious.   
  • I did have a Milo milkshake which was okay – but I actually prefer Wimpy’s on that one! Who knew? 
  • Lovely place and we’ll be back I am sure!
  • I am going to have to do a post regarding why my husband, Noid and I don’t live together as it is the question I am most often asked, or get e~mails about.
  • Week ahead looks hectic checking out my calendar, but I have made it thus far, I can do it! Am incredibly proud of myself for keeping on top of everything although in truth it is early days yet…. but I am hopeful.
  • If you would share your thoughts on Reiki with me I would appreciate. I know nothing about Reiki, but have been offered an opportunity I feel ‘led to’ if that makes any sense.
  • Remember when I had my palm read last year? That person suggested that I should investigate Reiki as I have healing abilities (?), but I did not take that very seriously… but a “practitioner – hope that is the right terminology?” has very recently come into my life and I have felt a very solid connection with her which I would like to explore.
  • Interesting. 🙂

I wish you a good week where you feel loved, enjoy good health, enough money to get/pay what you need, enough time to accomplish all that must be done, enough exercise (to loose weight in my case) ….. and lots of hugs, kisses and the odd unexpected praise of appreciation.

Chat tomorrow.


10 responses to “talking to myself”

  1. I have no idea what Reiki is, but I will wait for your blog post explaining it all. You are amazing to do the walking, I think I need to do that, this ass that is looking like the bulge of Africa is just so not flattering.


  2. flying visit, hope you have a super week …….


  3. I love that quote in your picture!
    Chat to Paul about Reiki, he is a (non practicing – has no time for it unfortunatly) level 6/7 Lightarian Reiki Master.
    He says he is a lapsed Jedi 😉


  4. The walking is awesome! I need to do something but after the debacle with “move” controllers my exercising will have to wait until they have stock! Sorry about the blister!

    Glad you enjoyed lunch.

    I wish you a good week where you feel loved and enjoy the good in everything and choose to be happy despite speedbumps

    Thanks for an awesome 3 years. I love You


  5. I swear Cuppacino’s Panzerotti is the best past dish I have ever had. Stuffed with spinach and in a vodka, tomato, cream and bacon sauce. Ok, tummy ache but drooling in any event…


  6. Have also been wondering about the living arrangements but didnt want to ask. Hope you have a good week too.


  7. I love my iPod especially when it makes me unapproachable at work. The urge to sing along out loud is a constant struggle, though.
    My aunt is a Reiki healer, but I do not know much about it, except that I take my dog to her every now and again when she gets flu. If you have the abilities, why not try it and see how you feel about it.


  8. richard’s sister does some sort of reiki something or another. i’m not really into that sort of thing, preferring my healing to be chemical and in large doses, but if you like i can pass on her contact details?


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