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Life and love is in every detail (Gratitude 32/150)


  • Today is week 3 of 24 chemo treatment for my illness. So far so good. I am receiving meds for the side effects now which is helping so much.
  • Yes, I shouldn’t be drinking.
  • We had all our Nic’s 21st at Nic’s mom and (step) Dad’s home on Saturday on the Vaal. 
  • Moi, Nic and Noid.
  • Wow, Cal, Nic’s biological mom,  threw a Hard Rock themed party of note! We had T-shirts, barmen making cocktails, throwing glasses and bottles around style, there were speeches and a montage which was incredibly well done of Nic…. who was born at 24 weeks!
  • Can you imagine two teenagers, Noid studying and working multiple jobs to support them,  and Cal devoting her time to a tiny baby – I think the stress levels of these two teenage parents must have been incredible.
  • 21 years later… Sweet Caroline and Noid. Personally, I think she is the prettiest of the three wives.
  • Nic – I truly believe is one of those people who HAD to be born and we are blessed cause he survived.
  • Here you have it, Mrs Noid the first, and Mrs Noid the third…. Noid mentioned this was a bit of a mind fuck.
  • The party was in a most gorgeous home on the river, plenty friendly waiters, fabulous burgers, two DJ’s and Nic’s band also did a performance.
  •  I cried watching him and so did Noid. I so wish I had been present earlier in his life.
  • I love he calls me Mom, no promptly, no asking him – just naturally he did. He is such a special child.
  • During the speeches there was another cry from me when I listened to what Noid’s brother and sister had written for Nic, as they live in Cape Town and couldn’t be here….. and Cal’s speech had me all choked up also.
  • Our Nic was a tad, shall we say ill by the end of the evening…. so Noid and I “nursed” him a while before we drove the hour-long drive home.
  • It was absolutely wonderful! It was an adult party so only Noid, myself, Kev and Kyle went from the Waltons clan.
  • The kak part of the evening:  I walked  into a closed sliding door, that hit my face so hard I thought I was gonna pass out. My nose and half my lip is still incredibly painful. Blerrie hell that was sore. It felt like in those cartoons where the characters see stars or hovering above their heads
  • The next day, Sunday – Noid’s parents stayed over and on Sunday we watched rugby and Formula One  and ate the entire day. It was a really nice day, ending with a roast I had made with a potato bake Kev made and veggies….. cheesecake, strawberries and cream and champagne throughout the day. 
  • I woke up at 3am and boy did I know about it – LOL – sore!!!
  • I am very happy Vettel won the F1 tournament. I love how excited he gets and talks and talks lol

…… and like a good pastors grand-daughter, let me leave you with a message.

I have often blogged about my love, admiration and adoration of my grandparents who raised me, Oupa Mike and Ouma Chrissie (my mom’s parents). I had virtually no contact with my father’s parents, Oupa Jose and Ouma Rentia). Why I do not know, but they were never present in my life.

Then at the age of 79 my Oupa Jose joined Face Book and slowly I’ve gotten to know him a little. He is a retired pastor.

I received this message:

“Oupa and ouma bless Stelletjie with healing power and body perfection. Love you.”

And this was my reply:

“All my life I wondered what you were like, if we liked similar things, if we had similar mannerisms, and what I could learn about my father from you. My Mom never says anything negative about him and I know nobody is a pure angel, but he seems to be to her.

The little I know, I found you to be compassionate, passionate about your faith and Ouma and your kids. You like quotes like me, but yours are biblical.

If your Johan (my father) was anything like my Liam James, you must have had all your days. 🙂

I wish life brought you sooner.

In the end Oupa Mike was my “Dad” and I continue to worship him….and now he is so sadly gone….here you are. I use to feel everyone left me, that I was easy to let go…. But they didn’t leave, they died…as people do. Thank you for carrying on where Oupa Mike left off. X love you X”

Again it confirms, love and life…. is in the details.

I wish you enough,


11 responses to “Life and love is in every detail (Gratitude 32/150)”

  1. What a beautiful post!


  2. That was a lovely read. All the best with your treatments.


  3. Awesome post my baby.
    Glad you are Mrs Noid the third.


  4. We had enough. *smile*


  5. Nice to catch up , you are looking Fab !


  6. What a lovely party it appears to have been 🙂

    Blergh at chemo!


  7. I wish you enough too 🙂
    Glad Nic’s birthday went so well, sounds like an amazing weekend. And LOVE the message from your oupa


  8. I love the tribute you made to your grandparents. Such lovely words.
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend with family


  9. Ag maj – hierdie een het ‘n Afrikaans comment nodig – ai Wenchy, jy is ‘n besonderse mens. Jou kapasiteit vir liefde is ongelooflik. En ek verwys nou aan die een kant na Cal, en aan die ander na jou Oupa Jose.

    Ag, ek wens jou gesondheid en geluk toe, met my hele hart. Jy verdien dit.


  10. I love your story about your grandparents.
    Be well my friend in the computer 🙂 hope the treatment is good to you


  11. That looks like an excellent party!

    Love the last bit too with the letter to your grandfather. Very sweet…and yes, they didn’t let you go! xxx


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