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Very random thoughts after midnight.


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

×  I saw my son Kev recently. We sang together. One of the highlights of my year.  My son playing Tim Mcgraw.  🙂

x Claiming to be slightly coloured has great advantages.  SirNoid and my “step kids” look like lobsters. Victoria and I are just dandy. White people problems.

x  Have a great many ideas for 2015. Personally,  projects,  privately,  publicly,  professionally,  purpose,  passion, proactive,  pretty,  participate,  partnership,  prevent,  play,  ponder.. . PLAN!!!!!

x The thought of Christmas in a week doesn’t thrill me.  We can’t afford it.  We can’t meet expectations of lavish gifts and great fanfair. No 13th cheque. No bonus. Thankfully any travel was paid months ago. Wish I could fulfill all the ideas in my head. Not this year Josephine!


x All Victoria wants for Christmas, is her brothers all together. I want that too. Seems so simple in theory.

x  My year end quiz will be published later this month. That is a must read. You will be able to read all previous years year end posts too if you really want.

I wish you enough.



3 responses to “Very random thoughts after midnight.”

  1. coloured! in the states people would be offended by that word.


    1. Too bad really. If your mind is small enough to be offended by me. Don’t read my blog.

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  2. Yes, Christmas is long gone and so is 2014 but I haven’t been on WP for quite some time now. I’m just so glad December is gone and done with.


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