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In conversation with Liam James

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I’ve slowly been building up a series of interviews I have done with the kids in my life. Kinda get their perception of me…. So far I’ve published Kyle and Kyla ‘s answers to my many questions. Go check them out.


Today’s is a little different. I found a post where I had interviewed my son Liam James when he was 12, and also now the answers he gave me at 19. I think you are going to laugh at this one. On the 12-year-old interview… I especially enjoyed his response to question 10 and number 18 is a comedian in the making! Don’t even mention his reply to question 21!!


Liam as a 12 year old

1. What is something mom always says to you? You can do better.
2. What makes mom happy? When she is with her kids, knowing she has enough money so the kids will have food on the table.
3. What makes mom sad? When we disappoint her, when she doesn’t get her way, when we talk to her ugly.
4. How does your mom make you laugh? She says those fanTy words… and these interviews!
5. What did your mom like to do as a child? She liked to read books, ride her bicycle and spend time with her uncle Chris.
6. How old is your mom? 35
7. How tall is your mom? Like 5.1 cm?? I don’t know. Whatever the right height thingie is.
8. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV? Grey’s Anatomy. Idols.
9. What does your mom do when you’re not around? She spends time with @SirNoid and tries to have fun.
10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Acting. She is such a drama queen.

Liam James

11. What is your mom really good at? She is really really good at singing, acting and cooking.
12. What is your mom not very good at? She is not very good at maths and getting to places on time and that’s about it.
13. What does your mom do for her job? Does accounting and manages people’s monies.
14. What is your mom’s favorite food? Souskluitjies.
15. What makes you proud of your mom? She has been there for me and is always looking after me.
16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? I think Donald Duck.
17. What do you and your mom do together? We shop.
18. How are you and your mom the same? We take medicine, we both very emotional and we both not very good in the head.
19. How are you and your mom different? I think we are different because I’m a dude and she is a dudette and I don’t care about my weight and she does…. And I love to eat allot and allot.
20. How do you know your mom loves you? Because she goes out of her way to do things for me, except for the one time when she went to Gold Reef City without me. I know you love me because you care for me and always try to make things better.
21. What does your mom like most about your dad (the x-person)?This may take a while… give me a few hours or some days… Sorry I can’t think of anything.
22. Where is your mom’s favorite place to go? Cape Town (without us). Is this interview over?

My Lee has a truly beautiful, sensitive and giving heart who loves to go to the gym and eat cheese. Cheese is a big deal in his life. He always tells me he eats Strawberry Pops when he misses me (May I just mention, I have not had any since I started banting a year ago).  It is only Liam James and Ouma Chrissie that I know always puts on body lotion whenever they come in contact with water. He is big on hydration and installed a water drinking challenge app on my phone to make sure I drink enough water.

He understands me very well (my weaknesses and strengths) and while he can come across abrupt at times he is actually a very thoughtful person. He likes to visit with friends but like me, also needs solitude. He prefers living “in the countrybecause he says “not even the birds sound sincere in the city”. Ha ha ha! I loved that comment.

We do laugh and talk enthusiastically (meaning loudly!) when we are together. Lee adapts to a situation with ease. He is able to walk up, introduce himself and off you go. He may hook up with the cleaner and the CEO in one evening. No problem. He speaks to anyone and treats people equally. He does not judge. He has a very low threshold for people who they think are better than another because of their financial status. The boy also did not come with tact. His words are out before his brain has any chance of filtering that information... remind you of anyone?

He is the one who will take off his shoes and give it to another, with no second thought. I will never forget that he asked for a Bar One as a Christmas gift one year, … and another time he just wanted packets of jelly for his birthday. (We are not alike in this department.) Lee is a dreamer. Lovable, never boring and quick-witted. He is also as naughty as hell can handle, and creates mayhem with ease!

Liam James is really easy on the eye, and has a certain charm about him… he calls me MOTHER btw. Nutter. Who does that? 🙂

My blue-eyed wonder whom I love very, very, very much….. My one and only shot at any of my kids having I LOVE MOM tattooed on them! 🙂  Love you my darling boy. Wishing all your big dreams come true, that your life works out the way you would like and not in the corner you have been pushed. Remember, push back.  (Things Maureen says… inside joke…)


Liam 19 6

1. Is there something I say to you often? I love you

2. What makes me happy? Purple giraffes and seeing your kids in one place.

3. What makes me sad? Feeling helpless and when you cannot help your kids.

4. How do I make you laugh? You just be yourself around me.

5. What do you think I was like at your age? Fun, exciting – not a trouble maker.

6. How old am I? 14

7. How tall am I? 5ft 5

8. What is my favourite thing to do? Besides the obvious spending time with your family… Reading.

9. What do you think I do when you are not here? I think you work.

10. If I was famous, what would I be famous for? Social Media Empire.

11. What am I really good at? You are good at making people feel loved.

12.  What is I very bad at? Hmm very tough question aha making pancakes!

13. What do I do at work? Make other people famous.

14. What is my favourite food? I think salmon and eggs and cream cheese.

15. What makes you proud of me? You will to survive and adapt in any situation.

16. If I was a character on TV or Movies , who would I  be? Judy Garland.


17. What do you and I do together that you enjoy? Talking I think.

18. In which way are you and I the same? We have sympathy for poor people.

19. What do you and I disagree about? Lol everything!

20. How do you know that I love you? You keep me out of jail.

21. What do I like about @SirNoid? I actually don’t know … he is really awesome and makes you happy.

22. Where do I love to go? Cape Town and Drakensberg.

23. Is there a song that reminds you of me? Jolene –  Dolly Parton

24. Where is my favourite place to go on holiday?  Uvongo, use to be don’t know if it still is. 

25. If you introduce me to your friends,  what do you call me?  This is my mom Wenchy or Aunty Stel.


I wish you enough,


4 responses to “In conversation with Liam James”

  1. Never boring is he?


  2. Loved this 🙂


  3. I remember taking him to movies one weekend. And the zoo. And a picnic on the back of my bakkie. and McDonalds on the sidewalk cause we had to wait.


  4. Thanks ffor this blog post


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